History of the Bivvy

Bivvy is a shortened version of bivouac sack or bivouac shelter, which is also known as bivvy sack, bivvy bag, bivi bag and bivy depending on where in the world you are from. It is essentially a lightweight and small, waterproof shelter, generally smaller than what would traditionally be called a tent. They are not only used by keen anglers but also climbers, mountaineers, hikers, extreme campers and soldiers. A two man bivvy is, as it name suggests, a bivvy shelter that is designed to be used by two person for any of the previously mentioned activities.

Bivvies (or Bivvy shelters) became increasingly popular with anglers especially coarse fishing and large carp fisherman who enjoy to fish throughout the night. This surge in popularity has caused a big improvement in the quality of bivvies and the competition between traditional bivvy manufacturers and fishing brands has resulted in an overall reduction in their prices.

The fisherman's bivvy is usually of the larger variety than climbers but climbers are much more prepared these days to cope with some extra weight in order to use a bigger bivouac shelter. One of the main reasons for this is better technology which has resulted in the remarkably lightweight material that are more commonly used to make modern bivvies. Fishing bivouacs are referred to as a fishing bivvy, not a bivi or even a bivy, modern bivvies can now be state of the art multi-person fishing tents as well as smaller one man versions.

Domes, Shelters, Rigid Fames, Over-wraps, Oval Umbrellas or even a basic Tarpaulin Bivvy are all available in varying prices and sizes to suit the need of every Carp angler out there!

Popular Bivvy Manufacturers

There are a number of popular bivvy makers producing high quality bivvies, these include; Fox, TF Gear, Trakker, JRC, OV, Vision, Cyprinus and Nash among others.

  • Trakker bivvy models

    Trakker Bivvies

    Trakker's bivvy models include; Trakker Specimen Brolly Bivvy, Trakker SLX Bivvy, Trakker Oval 60in Brolly, Trakker A-Lite Bivvy, Trakker Crossfire Bivvy, Trakker Armo MKII, Trakker Trident, Trakker Trident AS Bivvy, Trakker ArmoDome, Trakker Specimen Armo Bivvy, Trakker Pioneer Specimen Ultralite, Trakker Pioneer Specimen and Trakker Pioneer Ultralite.

  • TF Gear bivvy models

    TF Gear Bivvies

    TF Gear's bivvy models include; TFGear Quick Loc Bivvy, TF Gear F8 Total Protection Brolly, TF Gear F8 Day Shelter, TF Gear Power Brolly Shelter, TF Gear X-Shell Bivvy, TF Gear Force 8 Extreme Bivvy, TF Gear Force 8 Giant Bivvy, TF Gear Force 8 Bivvy, TF Gear All Rounder Bivvy and TF Gear Chill Out Bivvy.

  • JRC bivvy models

    JRC Bivvies

    JRC's bivvy models include; JRC STI Bivvy Twin Skin (2 Man), JRC STI Bivvy Twin Skin (1 Man), JRC Continental Geodisic MK3 (2 Man), JRC Quad Continental Bivvy (2 Man), JRC Quad Bivvy (2 Man), JRC Sti R Bivvy, JRC STI Single Skin (1 Man), JRC Roamer Dome, JRC Cocoon Extreme Dome and JRC Cocoon Dome.

  • Nash bivvy models

    Nash Bivvies

    Nash's bivvy models include; Nash Brolly Dome, Nash Bushwraps, Nash S3 Bivvy, Nash H-Gun Strongbow Bivvy, 2011 Nash Titan Bivvy, Nash S7, NASH FS Titan Viper TT Chameleon, Nash Double Top Extreme Bivvy (2 Man), Nash Double Top Extreme Bivvy (1 Man) and Nash Outlaw Hurricane.

  • Fox bivvy models

    Fox Bivvies

    Fox has brands in the match, coarse, carp, sea and predator markets and Fox International is well established as one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe. Fox's bivvy models include; Fox Explorer, Fox Xtreme, Fox Continental Dome, Fox Euro Dome, Fox Carp Plus, Fox Evolution Plus Brolly X and Fox Evolution Bivvy X.

  • Vision bivvy models

    Vision Bivvies

    Vision's bivvy models include; Kenwick Overnight Brolly, Kenwick ST Shelter, ST Shelter Winter Skin, Kenwick ST Dome (1 Man), Kenwick ST Dome (2 Man), Kenwick Quick Rib, Kenwick Oval System, Kashkym XT Dome (1 Man), Kashkym XT Dome (2 Man), Kashkym Pro Dome (1 Man), Kashkym Pro Dome (2 Man), Kashkym H3 Dome and Forrester Bivvy

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